Flackery Spring 2019 - Cover.jpgWho is the NH Business Guild? We are you

We are an organization of New Hampshire business owners, managers, and solopreneurs who are tired of the status quo.

  • We're tired of fighting Google and Facebook's changing algorithms to reach local online audiences
  • We're tired of seeing the same people at every networking event
  • We're tired of spending money on things that don't help us grow our businesses

The guild is the perfect blend of old school business and digital marketing at a price anyone can afford. 

Our motto is Promote - Connect - Succeed and all of our platforms and programs are designed to help you do that.  In fact, we have so much to offer we've filled an entire edition of Flackery magazine with all the benefits and features of benefits. 

Click on the Spring 2019 issue of Flackery above for more information about how NH Business Guild can help you reach your business marketing goals. 

Pat Hammond
Director, NH Business Guild

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Featured Member: Granite State Paralegal Services

Granite State Paralegal Services was formed as a virtual alternative to specialized paralegal support for attorneys.  With over 25 years of experience in many areas of law, Granite State Paralegal Services can unite skills and experience with the needs of attorneys.

  • Minimizing overall costs associated with full-time staff and other overhead costs
  • Maximizing efficiency and productivity of today’s law practices
  • Deliver prompt, professional and invaluable paralegal services to all law firm regardless of size, structure, or bud

Today’s technology has changed how attorneys and paralegals communicate and work together-we now have options to structure a workflow that is very different from the traditional law firm of the past. Attorneys who use our virtual paralegal services on a contract basis realize significant savings over the employee staffing model of traditional law firms

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