Become a NH Business Guild Sponsor!

sponsorship4-19.svgIn order to provide top-level tools and resources to members and keep membership affordable, NH Business Guild offers advertising and sponsorship opportunities for members and community supporters. 

We currently offer three options for basic advertising and sponsorship:

  • Level 1: $150 a quarter for a small sidebar or inline display ad on the website 
  • Level 2: $250 a month for a small sidebar or inline display ad on the website and monthly newsletter, placement in marketing materials*
  • Level 3: $5000 a year for a premium display ad on the website and monthly newsletter, placement in marketing materials*, a page on the website including a position on the site navigation menu

Print Sponsor

We are also looking for a dedicated Level 2 print sponsor to cover the cost of printing Flackery magazine and basic marketing materials including display banners for live events and trade shows, brochures, and event flyers. The print sponsor would commit to one year of sponsorship rather than month-to-month.

Event Hosts & Sponsors

In addition to the bi-weekly events we currently host, the guild would like to add monthly round table discussions or lunch & learns, quarterly open houses and networking events. In order to host networking and promotional events, we need sponsors and/or hosts who are willing to either provide space or cover the cost of renting space and light refreshments.

Note: Event hosting is the only type of sponsorship that is not based on the three base levels. The cost of being an event host or sponsor varies based on the type of event, whether it is once a year, once a quarter, once a month, or bi-weekly, and whether the host is able to host at their own location. The guild does not charge a fee for this type of sponsorship, the price is the actual cost for you to host the event.

Community Partners

Finally, we are looking for Level 3 sponsors as community partners to provide discounted services to guild members.

Industries we're currently soliciting are:

  • Business banking services, including merchant processing
  • Affordable health care for small business owners and employees
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing Assistance

We are an organization of business owners and managers representing a wide range of industries. Our businesses are everything from bootstrapping startups to established organizations grossing several million dollars a year. Our members are influencers who have sway in both their own networks and the community at large.

As a group, we all face the same challenges when it comes to finding top-quality business services. Being a community partner will give you a dedicated audience of people who are already in the market for your services. If you would like more information about becoming an NH Business Guild sponsor please email or call 603-264-0788.


* Marketing materials may include a variety of print and/or digital media. 

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