Back Office Resources


Back office is another way of saying "all those topics you didn't know you needed to know about until you started your business..."

Everyone starts a business feeling confident in their expertise, then reality hits. 

We all know how to use our computers, but what do you do when yours gets infected or dishes up a blue screen of death?

What about payroll and accounting? 

It's easy when you're accepting cash and just paying yourself, but what happens when you have to invoice or take credit card payments?

Then there is the whole issue of human resources.

It's very exciting to hire your first employee, but do you know anything about EEOC compliance? 

  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • IT & More!

Back office refers to any essential business services that aren't customer-facing. And when you think about it that way, back office covers a whole lot of territory.

Since nobody can be an expert at everything, we've put together a few online and real-world resources for all those tasks you wish you knew how to do to help with your back office questions. 

Remember, online sources are meant to be a starting point for gathering information. We try to provide links to professional, reputable sources for information, but nothing beats an expert opinion from someone who is speaking to your specific situation. Especially when it comes to human resources and taxes.


Accounting & Taxes

General Tax Help & Small Business Tax Specialist

edcarter_website_crop.jpgSkip the overwhelm, I can help you make sense of your taxes

I've been an accountant for over forty years. My experience from working with government agencies, non-profits, and large corporations has given me extensive knowledge of how to with the IRS and state tax agencies.

  • Small Business Taxes
  • IRS Audits & Demand Letters
  • Estates & Trusts

Owning a business is stressful enough without having to worry about an IRS demand.

I understand their policies and procedures and have helped many small business clients successfully challenge IRS audits. 

If you have received an IRS demand letter or are being audited, I can help.

Click the contact button below or give me a call (781) 799-1188


Accounting Programs/Platforms


Wave is an online accounting platform created with small business owners in mind. 

With access through its online platform and mobile app, Wave makes it easy to manage all of your business accounting tasks. 

  • Create & send invoices
  • Accept payments online
  • Payroll & payroll taxes

Wave even lets you scan expense receipts right from your phone so you never have to worry about finding them come tax time. 

The cost of the basic accounting program is free, but there are fees for accepting payments and managing payroll. 

At this time* the cost for credit card processing transactions is 2.9% +.30 per transaction.   And payroll pricing is a $35 monthly base fee + $6 for each active employee or independent contractor. 

Visit Wave's website for information about their current pricing.


*UPDATED 6/12/20


FreshBooks is an invoicing and accounting software for small businesses. 

This is another user-friendly programs that helps you manage the many financial aspects of running your business.

  • Invoicing
  • Expenses
  • Time Tracking
  • Projects
  • Payments
  • Reporting
  • General Accounting

Like Wave, FreshBooks is an online platform with a mobile app. They claim to "save users up to 16 hours a month with project proposals and estimates." 

They offer three subscription levels that range from $25 a month up to $50.00 per month.* With a custom option available for power users. 

  • Unlimited + Customized Invoices
  • Unlimited Expense Entries
  • Accept Credit Card Payments Online
  • Accept ACH Bank Transfers Online
  • Automated Bank Import
  • Unlimited Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Estimates
  • Insightful Tax Time Reports
  • Custom functionality and workflows with 200+ integrations
  • Team Members ($10/person)

The entry-level Lite version offers a nice array of features but is limited to 5 billable clients. It might be a good choice for a startup consulting firm with few clients, but companies with a larger client base will need to look at the Plus subscription at $25 per month and 50 billable clients, or the $50 Premium subscription with up to 500 billable clients. 

FreshBooks is a popular program and well worth a look for anyone DIY'ing their accounting. 

*UPDATED 6/12/20

Accounting Resources & Training

Accounting Terms - Cheat Sheets

Accounting Coach - Learn Accounting for Free

We like the Accounting Coach website because it is well-designed with easy to find explanations about general bookkeeping, financial, and business management terms. 

In addition to being an excellent free resource for accounting terms and concepts, Accounting Coach provides two budget friendly options for extended training, PRO and PRO Plus.* 

The free version of the Accounting Coach training should be more than enough for the average small business owner to understand general accounting concepts.

* 6/12/20 Current one-time pricing for the paid options are $49 and $99.