Where did all the blog posts go? (To put it another way, I screwed up...)

by Pat Hammond on Friday, November 01, 2019

Cat with paw over eyes

Would you believe I dropped all the tables?

I've been a web developer for over 15 years. I have well-developed systems and rules for handling changes and updates when I'm working on a client's website, but when it comes to my own, well let's just say I occasionally take shortcuts. 

It's usually okay because I always a.) Have a recent backup, and b.) Take another backup whenever I make a major change to a live website. 

Only this time I didn't. 

This time I was coming off of a full week of major site updates with a lot of custom code. 

I don't know what happened, but I somehow managed to delete the wrong database and the next thing I knew NH Business Guild was gone. 

To put it another way, I screwed up. Big time. 

I was able to rewrite all of my custom code the next day, but between one thing and another, I haven't had time to re-upload all of the blog posts since the beginning of the year. 

I'd shrug and say it happens, but it usually doesn't happen to me. 

Rule number one of screwing up is to get in front of it. Take ownership and develop a plan to fix it. 

Since there are only so many hours in the day and most of what I do is time-sensitive, I made an executive decision to put off recreating the old posts until I have time to do it. 

Most of what was in the news section were relevant at the time it was posted, but there wasn't much beyond Recession-Proof Your Business that had any long-term impact. 

So if you're wondering where the last five months' worth of blog posts went, they're sitting on the desktop of my home office computer waiting to be re-uploaded. It will get done eventually, just not today. 

Pat Hammond

Director, NH Business Guild