It's Alive - the fall issue of Flackery is up & it's sizzling hot!

by Pat Hammond on Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Flackery - Fall 2020 - Cover.jpg

Can you say Flackery? NH Business Guild's FREE digital magazine is written by local business owners for local business owners, and it's here!

We're calling this the sales & marketing issue and we've filled it with tips, tricks, interviews, and resources to help you jumpstart your fall sales and marketing.

  • Marketing
  • Self-Promotion
  • Lead Generation
  • & More!

NH Business Guild's motto is "promote, connect, succeed" and we've filled this issue of of Flackery with everything you need to promote your business, connect with your target audience, and make the sale.

  • How to make email marketing easy
  • Mastering paid search analytics
  • How to share your expertise & get in front of the right audience
  • Accelerate your sales with Charlene DeCesare

Flip through the pages & if you like what you see, check out our past issues