4th Quarter Update -- What we've been up to for the last 3 months

by Pat Hammond on Thursday, October 08, 2020


Ten years from now we're going to look back at 2020 and declare that it was a time of transition. 

I don't have a ouija board, and I haven't read my tea leaves, but it feels like we've seen a major shift in business, especially with business planning and execution.

  • What products or services are most important right now
  • How we deliver those products
  • The importance of brand consistency

These things should already be on our radar, but I think this ongoing situation forced a lot of us to step out of our comfort zone to put ourselves in a better position to pivot in a rapidly changing environment. 

For the NH Business Guild, last quarter was an object lesson in letting go of expectations and pushing boundaries. 

As COVID-19 continued through the summer, I had to give up on the idea that we would host in-person events and workshops this year. 

This was a major motivator in my decision to move up next year's planned online learning center to October 2020. (I talked about this back in July) 

Besides creating a framework to overcome some of this year's challenges for hosting guild sponsored in-person workshops and classes, the new learning platform will provide another avenue for guild members to expand their reach and create revenue streams beyond New Hampshire.

Today I'm pleased to report that NH Business Guild's first online course is almost complete and the new class platform is on track to launch by the end of the month. 

This is a major victory for NH Business Guild. 

As disappointed as I am about canceling in-person events through the end of the year, I believe the COVID-19 situation has kicked the door open and forced me to embrace other long-term plans.

With the new learning platform almost complete, I've decided to move up two other goals that will help our members get in front of new audiences and break into new markets. 

The first of these goals is the launch of the new business podcast.

I didn't know what to expect when I posted last week's open call for co-hosts, but I was blown away by how many people responded the first day. In fact, there was so much interest I had to reconsider the plan so I could include a much larger group of participants.

I originally hesitated about trying to launch a new podcast right now but the enthusiasm for the podcast has me optimistic and excited about taking on the extra work to get this project up and running by the first of the year. 

My final bit of news for this quarter is the big one. I'm taking the guild national.

Yes, I said national.

Going national was part of my five-year plan, but given the changes and challenges COVID-19 has presented, I think moving the rebrand forward to 2021 will give members a greater opportunity to connect with people and businesses outside of New Hampshire.

As with so many other things this year, COVID-19 is a major variable and I will have to rejig part of the original expansion plan, but I expect to rebrand NH Business Guild as the Business Guild by the end of 1st quarter 2021. As I said at the beginning, the pandemic has forced a lot of us to step out of our comfort zone to put ourselves in a better position to adapt to a rapidly changing environment

So how about you?

What have you been doing the last few months?

What lessons have you learned in this time of transition that will help you strengthen your business so you can hit the ground running in January?

Pat Hammond

Director, NH Business Guild